Who can benefit from telecare?


24-7 Telecare Monitoring Response Centre operator3Who benefits from Telecare?

Telecare can provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Some of the people who benefit from this type of ‘Assistive Technology’ include:


  • people with disabilities
  • the elderly
  • people who are vulnerable or who live alone
  • people suffering from dementia
  • people needing intermediate care after leaving hospital
  • anyone with high support needs
  • residents in nursing homes and care homes
  • the families, friends and carers


However, did you know that absolutely anyone can purchase telecare along with 24/7 monitoring? Have a look at our ‘Guide to Telecare‘ page for further details on how to buy a system in Ireland. Or visit our telecare shop to purchase a pre-programmed pendant alarm/telecare system online.