Hidden Costs of Telecare (Part 10) Landline or Mobile?

Telecare alarm Landline phoneline gsm mobile cellular

If you’re thinking that you might do away with your land-line over the next few years, check if your alarm base unit can be adapted to call for help on a mobile network instead (i.e. if it is ‘GSM’ enabled). Always ask if additional charges will apply  to change over. A common additional charge could be the cost of a contract SIM card (like the one used in your mobile phone). An adaption to your base-unit may also be needed in order for the telecare alarm to work on a cellular network. It might therefore be better opting for a GSM enabled telecare alarm up-front if that’s the case. They are usually slightly more expensive so you’ll need to consider the advantages and disadvantages carefully. Think about how soon you’ll be doing away with your home phoneline and whether or not there is good mobile coverage in your area.

This is the final part of our 10 part mini-series – Hidden Costs of Telecare. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. 

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