Editor’s Welcome – Any Comments?

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This post will stay at the top of the Telecare.ie ‘News’ page for a few weeks, to welcome new readers and to provide you with an update on our progress. So…




If you’ve had the chance to look around the website, you’ll know that many of the Telecare.ie site pages are now completed.  But there are still a number to be added. For instance, there are loads more telecare devices and descriptions to be included on the Telecare Equipment page. We’ll also be making a few tweaks to existing pages as we spot anything that could be added or improved. A ‘Telecare Equipment Suppliers’ page is also in the works. It will have details on the different telecare equipment suppliers in Ireland, along with cost comparisons. A contact form will also be added to the site.


We’re working on all of that now, so please bear with us 🙂


If you have read our About page, you’ll know that Telecare.ie has been created to help people in Ireland (& further afield) to become better informed about pendant alarms and telecare equipment. During the last seven years of working in the industry, I’ve been surprised at just how little is known, even within healthcare professions, about the different types of telecare equipment and 24/7 monitoring. This means that many people who could benefit are missing out …or are paying over the top for their telecare equipment and monitoring.


But through Telecare.ie and with your help, we aim to change that…


Whether you want to know more about how telecare equipment works, how much it costs, compatibility of telecare devices, details on 24/7 monitoring, or information about government grants including the Seniors Alert Scheme, we want to keep you better informed.


The most effective way we can keep you informed, is by working with you to get your feedback, on topics you would like to see covered


So please post your comments on the website below any article (such as this one). You can post about social/pendant alarms, costs of telecare, 24/7 monitoring or the Seniors Alert Scheme. Anything you would like to talk about, or any questions you have about telecare or health technologies. Although we can’t guarantee to answer everything, we’ll take all comments on board for future articles. And you will have the opportunity to converse with and help others who are posting too.


So if you have a socially monitored/pendant alarm or care for someone who uses telecare equipment, we want to hear from you. Likewise, if you’re thinking about getting telecare for yourself or for a loved one for the first time, take the opportunity and post any questions. We also welcome contributions from anyone who works in the community, charity or healthcare sectors.


What is it about telecare that you’d like to learn more about?


Until now, in Ireland there has been no central place to discuss issues around socially monitored alarms, telecare and 24/7 monitoring. So please do take the opportunity to comment under this, or any other article on the website. The most recent comments posted below articles will appear on the ‘Latest Comments’ box at the right hand side of the website.Telecare.ie, comments, telecare systems, telecare equipment, monitoring  Depending on your feedback, we may decide to broaden or narrow the scope of Telecare.ie.


Either way, we look forward to the conversation 🙂

Your Editor, Toni