Why Choose a Monitored Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector?

Monitored Carbon Monoxide Alarm / CO Detector Telecare

As most of us are now aware, having a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector in your home is extremely important. However not so many people are aware that Monitored Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors give a number of advantages over standard CO alarms. For instance, if your CO detector is monitored, experienced call handlers, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, can awaken you when you might not otherwise hear the alarm. This may be necessary if you are sleeping in another room out of earshot of the detector, or if you have taken medications and/or alcohol that has made you sleep more heavily. If the trained call handlers do not hear a response from you, they will immediately follow agreed response protocols such as contacting a family member to check on you. This ensures that the most appropriate support can be summoned to you immediately.


Monitored CO detectors generally work by connecting (via radio signal) to your telecare base unit. This means if you already have a pendant alarm you can easily have a monitored CO alarm added, provided the telecare base-unit is compatible. To find this out, ask your existing telecare monitoring company. If you do not already have telecare equipment in your home, you can purchase the monitored Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector along with a telecare base-unit from most reputable telecare companies.


The short video below gives some further details on Monitored Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors and outlines five reasons why you may want to choose this type of CO alarm for your home.