Telecare devices: what’s available?

Telecare devices header

Many telecare devices can connect to the same base-unit meaning most can be easily added to an existing pendant alarm system. However, because there are many different types of telecare devices available, it can sometimes be difficult to remember which could be appropriate for your own circumstances.


You might therefore overlook one telecare device that could make a real difference to your quality of life or to the level of independence afforded to someone you care for.


One method I find helpful in remembering the different telecare devices, is by whether or not the telecare devices are activated manually (e.g. by pressing a button) as opposed to those which automatically send an alert to a 24-hour monitoring centre (without a person consciously activating them). Within the group of telecare devices which activate automatically, I separate the alerts into environmental sensors and other types of telecare devices.


I’ve outlined these grouping below so as you can see the categories more clearly:


Telecare Devices


Manually activated telecare devices


Those which you press manually if you need to call for help. Includes: pendant/wristband alarm, bogus caller button, fixed position panic button, pull cord.


Telecare devices with automatic alerts (Group A – General)


Those telecare devices which automatically call a monitoring centre if a sensor is triggered (often used by people living with dementia or at high risk of falling at home). Includes: fall detector, bed exit alarm, chair exit alarm, PIR/inactivity monitor, automatic pill dispenser, epilepsy alarm, door activity monitor, some key safes, enuresis alarm.


Telecare devices with automatic alerts (Group B – Environmental Sensors)


Telecare devices which automatically call a monitoring centre if triggered, in addition to (usually) sounding an alarm in your home. Includes: smoke detector, natural gas & propane detector, carbon monoxide detector, water leak/flood detector and high temperature detector, low temperature detector.



…Of course there are some telecare devices which can be both manually and automatically activated (such as many fall detectors) and others which fall outside the above categories, but I often find these groupings a useful way to remember what telecare devices are available.


All above telecare devices (& more) are available in Ireland & the UK from our Sponsor TASK Community Care.