Reduce Pain With Exercises for Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis exercises to reduce pain

Even with medications, the knee pain caused by arthritis can greatly impact on your daily life. Exercise can be one of the most effective ways to reduce the pain. The right types of exercise can also improve motion and flexibility of your knee joints.


There are many different types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the two main types that can affect your knees.


According to Arthritis Ireland, around 915,000 people in Ireland, are living with arthritis. This makes it the single biggest cause of disability in the country. And it’s not just the elderly who are suffering. People of all ages are living with the condition.


Medical News Today has published a useful article for anyone who has knee pain caused by arthritis.  It includes a variety of movements you can practise at home or work, while standing, seated, and even lying down. By doing these exercises regularly, you can reduce knee pain. But you can also improve knee flexibility, decrease stiffness, and increase stamina in the knee joint. The article also includes some precautions to keep in mind but always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.


Arthritis Ireland’s website also contains a section on exercise for people with arthritis. Although not specifically focused on exercises for your knees, it is still worth reading for more general exercise advice if you have arthritis of the knee.