Telecare equipment can be monitored 24 hours a day, giving peace of mind


Two-way speech unit

Your telecare ‘two-way speech unit’ also known as a ‘telecare base-unit’ is the central part of your telecare system. It usually comes with a pendant or wristband alarm as standard, and receives signals from all other telecare sensors in your home.


It is the telecare base-unit that dials through to a 24/7 monitoring centre, when any of the telecare equipment in your home is activated. Trained call-handlers can then hold a two-way conversation with you, through the base-unit. If they do not hear you they will phone your nominated contacts, to check on you.


Many types of telecare equipment are available. A selection from our Sponsor, TASK Community Care is listed below. You can access a larger version of the below poster here:



Telecare devices Poster



Further details on some of the above telecare equipment, can be accessed on the below links


Bed exit alarm



Bogus caller button



Automatic pill dispenser



Key Safe



Water Leak Alarm



Monitored Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm



Inactivity/Movement Detector


Our Sponsor TASK Community Care supplies a wide range of telecare equipment and provides 24/7 monitoring, including supply and monitoring of all the above listed telecare equipment for customers in Ireland & the UK.