Water Leak Alarm



What is a water leak alarm?


A water leak alarm is a small device that can be placed anywhere there is a potential risk of water leaking. To operate a the alarm, you simply place it on a suitable surface. If any unwanted or unexpected water reaches its sensor, the alarm will sound. This means that in most cases you can act quickly to minimise water damage.


The device can be placed anywhere in your home. In the bathroom, it can be positioned under a sink, or near your bath or shower. In your kitchen or utilities room it can be placed at the foot of a washing machine, dishwasher or refrigerator.



Why get a monitored water leak alarm?


Water leaks in your home can cause serious damage, not only to fixtures and fittings but also to your belongings. The end result is often expensive and time consuming repairs.  If you are not within earshot of a conventional (non-monitored) water leak alarm you will not be able to hear it. This is where the monitored telecare water leak alarm can be of benefit.


watr leal alarm, monitored, flood detector Dememtia or memory problems – Your water leak detector can act as a useful alerting device if you are elderly and have dementia or other memory problems. If you forget to turn off a running bath or get distracted when a tap is running, the alarm will sound in the home. Monitoring centre operators will also contact you.


watr leal alarm, monitored, flood detector If you are asleep when there is a leak or burst pipe  – The monitored water leak alarm gives extra protection because even if you are asleep or not at home the alarm will still sound. But in addition it will also call through to the 24/7 monitoring centre. The staff there can then talk to you through your two-way speech unit, letting you know what detector has been activated.


watr leal alarm, monitored, flood detector If you are not at home – If you are not at home when a pipe bursts or other leak occurs, monitoring centre staff can call you on your mobile phone letting you know what has happened. This allows for faster intervention. Or if you cannot be reached, the monitoring centre staff can contact a nominated key-holder for you. This means the chance for damage is minimised substantially.


watr leal alarm, monitored, flood detector Early notification of burst pipes in holiday home – If you have a holiday home the monitored water leak detector can be a particularly useful device to have in place with regard to the possibility of pipes bursting or leakages.



How does a monitored water leak alarm work?


The monitored detector works in the same way as a conventional water leak alarm. The difference is that the monitored version has a small radio transmitter inside. When water is detected, this allows the alarm to also call through to a 24 hour monitoring centre.  Monitoring centre staff will then let you know that your water leak alarm has been activated. They do this by talking to you through a telecare two-way speech unit in your home. If you have more than one water leak alarm placed in different rooms, operators will let  you know in which room the alert has been activated. If you are not at home they can contact you on your mobile phone.



Will any water leak alarm work with my existing telecare system?


A water leak alarm/flood detector can be only added to compatible telecare systems. It will depend on the make and model of your telecare two-way speech unit. Ask your telecare company if they supply compatible water leak alarms. Or check before buying any telecare systems.



What if I do not have an existing telecare system?


If you don’t already have an existing telecare alarm, your monitored water leak alarm can be purchased with a telecare two-way speech unit.



Where can I buy a 24/7 monitored water leak alarm?


Our sponsor TASK Community Care supplies monitored water leak alarms with or without the telecare two-way speech unit. You can give them a call Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm and they will talk you through your telecare alarm options. You can contact their County Meath office on 01 843 5889 or their Belfast office on 0845 304 5535.