Automatic pill dispenser

automatic medication pill dispenser with alarm


An automatic pill dispenser with alarm is a great way to ensure that you or your loved one will remember to take the correct dosage of medication at the correct time. The electronic pill dispenser also reduces the risk of mistakenly taking a repeat dose of your pills.


Automatic medication dispensers work in the same way as standard pill box organisers, by allowing you to measure out pills in advance for the week ahead. The benefit of electronic pill dispensers is that an alarm can also be set, for the desired number of daily alerts. The pill dispenser alarm should set easily, just like an alarm clock. When it’s time to take your tablets, the dispenser releases the correct dose into a small compartment and an alarm sounds (and/or a light flashes).


With a 24-7 monitored automated pill dispenser with alarm, if you do not take your pills within a pre-set time period (usually 30 mins after the alarm first sounds) an alert can be sent to a 24/7 CareLink Monitoring Centre. CareLink Operators can then talk to yo through a two-way speech unit in your home to remind you to take your medication and/or to check everything is alright. If there is no answer, they can call your nominated contact to check on you. In some cases relatives discover that an elderly parent has had a fall at home after receiving this type of notification from a monitoring centre.


Medication dispensers are generally installed by plugging into a power outlet in your home. A good option is to purchase one which includes a backup battery (so it will continue to work in the event of a power outage). The pill dispensers usually have at least 28 compartments, each of which can hold several pills. This equates to a seven day supply if your elderly parent has to take their pills four times a day. The frequency of alarms/rotation can be adjusted as required. The pill dispenser with alarm is an ideal telecare device for anyone who must take tablets throughout the day at regular intervals.


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