Telecare monitoring costs

For your 24-hour telecare monitoring (of pendant alarms & other telecare equipment) in Ireland you can expect to pay around €65 – €80 annually. It’s also worth noting that some telecare companies add a charge for each pendant alarm/telecare device that is monitored but others don’t. For instance, our sponsor TASK Community Care does not increase their yearly monitoring fee, regardless of the number of telecare devices in your home connected to the same telecare base-unit.


According to the Review of the Scheme of Community Supports for Older People (CSOP) 2010 “Irish monitoring charges are lower than charged elsewhere. For instance service providers in the UK charge £170 – £200 annually with many other European Countries charging £200 – £300 annually”.


To this Editor’s knowledge, the above prices are still broadly accurate. That’s a significant saving for the many older people in Ireland who pay for pendant alarm monitoring, versus those in the UK and the rest of Europe. It’s great to see 24-hour monitoring charges for telecare in Ireland being kept so affordable.


Our Sponsor TASK Community Care has kept their monitoring charges consistently at €66 since they opened Ireland’s first telecare monitoring centre in 1991 (they charge £52 for UK customers). Which makes this Editor wonder whether TASK’s significant presence in the Irish telecare market, has anything to do with pendant alarm/telecare equipment monitoring charges in Ireland, being kept much more affordable 😉


Please get in touch using the contact form below if you’re aware of 24/7 telecare monitoring charges significantly outside the range mentioned above. If so, I’ll check it out and update this ‘telecare monitoring costs’ page accordingly.



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