Can I buy two monitored pendant alarm buttons for my parents who live in the same household? [Reader’s Question]

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Reader’s Question | Is it possible to buy 2 monitored pendant alarms for my parents who live in the same household.  Could you please give me an idea of costs?


Short Answer | Yes. If two (or more) people live in the same residence, they can each have a pendant alarm button, connected to the same monitored alarm two-way speech unit.


Longer Answer | When you buy a monitored alarm system, one pendant button is generally included with the monitored alarm base unit (the two-way speech unit). However, extra pendant buttons can be bought at the outset or at a later date from most telecare suppliers.


To buy the extra pendants at a later date, you would generally call your telecare supplier and explain that you’d like to add an additional pendant button (or buttons) to your monitored pendant alarm system. The monitored pendant alarm button will then generally be posted to you by the telecare supplier, after some basic information is confirmed.


As regards potential costs, to give readers an idea of these, in Ireland our Sponsor TASK Community Care charges:


  • Monitored alarm pricing | 250 (includes one base unit & one pendant)
  • Additional pendants (if required) | €50 each
  • Plus a yearly monitoring charge of €66


Unlike some other suppliers, TASK’s monitoring fee won’t increase with each additional pendant or other piece of telecare equipment that is connected to the monitored alarm base unit. TASK monitored pendant alarms are also covered by a lifetime warranty, providing the alarm remains with the original owner and is monitored by TASK. That includes free pendant alarm button battery replacements too 🙂



TASK Community Care can be contacted on   ROI: 01 8435889    UK: 0845 304 55 35 to order extra monitored alarm buttons for your telecare system or with any other enquiries.