Irish Pendant Alarm Monitoring Costs – Best in Europe?

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Following on from my last post on the “Review of the Scheme of Community Supports for Older People (CSOP) 2010” it’s worth drawing attention to a statement on page thirty of that report:



“This evaluation of community alarms and tele-care services shows that Irish monitoring charges are lower than charged elsewhere. For instance service providers in the UK charge £170 – £200 annually with many other European Countries charging £200 – £300 annually.”


Review of the Scheme of Community Supports for Older People (CSOP) 2010 p.30


To this Editor’s knowledge, these prices are still broadly accurate. That’s a significant saving for the many older people in Ireland who pay for pendant alarm monitoring, versus those in the UK and the rest of Europe. With typical pendant alarm monitoring charges in Ireland still being advertised at around only €65 – €80 annually* this means Irish telecare users continue to get excellent value. It’s brilliant to see monitoring charges being kept affordable for all our older people.


Note: Our Sponsor, TASK Community Care has kept their monitoring charges at €66 since 1991. Which makes this Editor wonder if that has anything to do with pendant alarm monitoring charges being kept so affordable in Ireland? 😉


*This is an estimate only, so please get in touch or comment below if you are aware of Irish 24/7 telecare monitoring charges significantly outside of this range.