– Readers’ Questions questions and answers

Since added our first post in June 2016, we’ve received many great questions and comments from you, our readers, through the online feedback form and also as comments to posts.


It’s not always been possible to answer all the questions, and we apologise if you haven’t received a direct response from us.


To help make things right, we’re starting a new ‘Readers Questions’ section, where we’ll publish questions you’ve sent (...removing any of your personal details first) along with answers from us. This way, a wider number of people can also benefit.


Initially we’ll be doing some catch up (due to the backlog of great questions you’ve been sending) and while we can’t answer every question, we’ll do our best to identify particular themes and get useful answers posted for you.


Look out for our first ‘Readers Question’ and response in the next few days…




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  1. hello
    can you tell me if the button has any affect on stents fitted?

    alarm needed following cardiac problems

    hope to hear from you soon

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