Hidden Costs of Telecare [Video, Links & Infographic]


We hope you have enjoyed your 10-Part Mini Series highlighting some hidden costs of telecare and pendant alarm systems. You can also have a watch of the animated video we’ve created as a reminder. If you find it useful why not also subscribe to our Telecare.ie YouTube Channel for more informational videos on telecare. We will be producing them regularly.



Here are your links to each of the website posts 🙂


Part 1 – Pendant Battery Replacements

Part 2 – Year 2 Price Hikes

Part 3 – Fault Reporting

Part 4 – 24hr Tech Support

Part 5 – Warranty & Repairs

Part 6 – Future-proofed

Part 7 – Extra Monitoring Charges For Additional Telecare Devices

Part 8 – 24/7 Monitoring Contract Term

Part 9 – Installation charges 

Part 10 – Landline or Mobile Telecare?


You can also view or download the complete 10-part mini-series as a handy Infographic (reproduced below). Click here for your ‘Hidden Costs of Telecare’ Infographic [pdf]


Copy of Hidden costs of pendant alarms_06.06.16


Give us your comments below if you think we have missed out any other hidden costs of telecare…